Entertainment and children’s games


All mothers and fathers know how important it is for children to work off their energy, but this has to happen in a suitable place. This is why we created two new indoor playrooms for different age groups.

The Winnie-the-Pooh house is perfect for children ages 0-3 and is equipped with a ball swim, playhouse, rocking horses, games, large 32” LCD TV with DVD and assortment of cartoons.

The Mickey Mouse club is ideal for children ages 4 – 12 and is equipped with baby football facilities, drawing desks, mini library, playhouse, 2 large 32” LCD TVs, Wii and Play Station 3.

Entertainment and mini club (available from June through the end of August)

Mom and dad, this is your well-deserved time to relax. After all, it’s your holiday too…enjoy a few hours to leaf through a magazine, for 4 hours a day right after meals. We’ll look after your children.
Our entertainment staff involves younger guests (ages 4 to 12) in fun games and recreational activities.

The weekly programme spans from laboratory activities such as painting, drawing and mosaics, to games the likes of treasure hunts with prizes and fun for everyone.

Outdoor games

There is a play area in our treed garden, equipped with slides, playhouses, swings, drawing tables and chairs. So much outdoor fun.

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