Feeding facilities and baby menu

Feeding facilities

Only parents know how important it is not to change a child’s eating habits in the weaning phase, and to be able to count on autonomously cooking the same pap made at home. Introducing our icing on the cake: the feeding facility.

Accessible 24/7, it has a kitchen just like at home, completely equipped with electric plates, microwave ovens, refrigerator and small electric appliances.

We prepare the basics, such as vegetable broths, vegetable purées, boiled vegetables, ground meat and/or fish – all made with strictly fresh, seasonal products from our farm in the country. You prepare your child’s pap the way he/she

likes it at home.

Special catering

The daily menu includes dishes more suited to older children, but we also allow guests to make arrangements for variations with personalized dishes based on each child’s needs.

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